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About Us

Cook. Experience. Share.

Chef Urbano was born from a desire to create an alternative path to health. We believe that the secrets to health, energy and long life are found in nature through diet and nutrition. It is our quest to find the most nutrient dense, raw, natural, Non-GMO products on the planet. Our search to uncover ancient and modern healing knowledge lost to our society has taken us all over the world, from the tropical regions of South America to the high mountains of Himalayas.

Building upon the wisdom of traditional and modern natural healing methods from all over the world, we are here to share powerful information and products that help people heal and rejuvenate themselves naturally. Join a healthy journey with us

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To ensure that every person; family and child has access to sustainable products that promote better health and wellbeing.


To offer wholesome, carefully sourced products through a hub that not only promotes better living but also encourage those who love and introduce our feel-good products within their communities.

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