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Smoked Paprika

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Aromatic Spices


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Difference banner OUR DIFFERENCE For us, simplicity and quality go hand and hand. It’s not only about what’s in
Our product range is about what’s not. Our superfoods blends are:


Our products are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or ionizing radiation

Gluten Free

Our products are free from gluten (a protein that is indigestible for some and found in a variety of grains.)

Free of chemical & additives

Our products do not contain chemical additives such as artificial colours, sweeteners, and preservatives.


Our products do not contain animal products


Our products are grown without genetically modified organisms.

Keto Friendly

Our products are crafted with precision in a quality controlled environment, integrating desired nutrition composition and ingredients that allows everyone on a keto diet.


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What our clients are saying

  • In my view, smoked paprika is one of the very few “exotic” dried herbs and spices actually worth adding to give that extra something to your culinary creations; I have, over the years, purchased many an intriguing, supposedly flavour and colour enhancing gastronomic “essential” which, once experimented with, languished unwanted until it was thrown away. I am sure that this well-packaged smoked paprika will be frequently used in my kitchen to add that extra pungency and zip to, for example, European style vegetables, casseroles, egg dishes and so forth.

    food club username
    Arjun Sahgal
  • This came packaged very securely since its a glass jar. Smart packaging, tightly sealed so no spill over, & a great product! It’s very smoky in flavour, since I’d ordered the sweet paprika it’s not hot at all! Lends a delicious smoky barbeque-y type flavour, warmth & colour to anything without adding the extra heat of a chilli powder, really loved it. Adding it or sprinkling it on everything, from eggs to Raita, mayonnaise, sandwiches and even stews. It’s really useful!

    food club username
    P. Sengupta
  • food club username
    Sanjay V.
  • Good for sweet smokey flavour (which you can’t find or create in indian spices), a bit expensive. One spoonful is enough to make the whole dish taste smokey. Product made in Spain. Created from Oak Smoked red peppers/capsicum. Must for any of Gordon Ramsay’s receipes !

    food club username
    Sameer Gaikwad
  • This is a rather versatile seasoning with mild heat and a nice bit of smokiness that rounds out the flavours of marinades quite well. Used this extensively as a fuss free seasoning on grilled cauliflower and cottage cheese steaks.

    food club username
  • I love Paprika. I have traveled to Budapest and bought Paprika to bring home. I love the product that Doyen makes and sells out of Mumbai. It has a real mideast flavor. But as far as the Indian style paprika goes I was still looking. But I found it! This spice is terrific. Hot and tangy with the right amount of smoked flavor. Thank you Chef Urbano.

    food club username
    Ken Ireland
  • Pretty satisfied to receive an authentic product which says “Basil”. It’s real, dried basil leaves, and not pizza seasoning that usually comes under the name of basil nowadays. Really aromatic, gave a great taste and flavour to my pasta sauce.

    food club username
    Harshita Kaushik
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